Wauconda Moose Covid Update

What will your Lodge experience be like?

  • Covid monitor at the front door with thermometer (temp check as you enter)
  • Hand sanitizer at the front and on every table
  • Bartenders and servers with a mask
  • Your beverage will be served in a disposable plastic vessel (cups and shots)
  • Bottle beer will be uncapped with a bottle opener only
  • Paper wrapped straws only
  • Salt/pepper and condiments in sealed packets
  • Forks/knives/spoons in sealed packets
  • Bar stools will be set 6′ apart (when we can open the bar)
  • Tables on patio will be 6′ apart
  • Paper towels and hand sanitizer will be only items on the tables
  • Menu – ask your server for a disposable menu
  • Bar and table will be sanitized immediately when you leave


We are holding off on special meals for now, except for the Moose Grill on Saturdays (burgers, brats, hotdogs). We do have pizzas and snacks, or you can order from the special Uncle D’s Menu. Also, as everything we do here benefits Mooseheart and Moosehaven, please make a donation of $2 in the bucket at the end of the bar if you bring in food from Uncle D’s.


IGB will be turning the machines back on Wednesday, July 1. Dividers have been installed for your safety.

Basic rules:

  • Face cover must be worn.
  • Only Players in the gaming area, there will be no standing behind a player chatting.
  • There are reminder signs posted on each machine also.


Meetings will resume as usual starting in July.

Women of the Moose (WOTM) Meetings
1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month 

Loyal Order of Moose (LOOM) Meetings
1st and 3rd Thursday of the month