Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the back-bone of our Moose Lodge. They share their time, talents, and energy to help make our events happen and run smoothly. We are able to offer food and drinks below market prices because of these gracious members.

We are in need of cooks and helpers for the following:

  • Preparing Wings on Monday nights
  • Making Italian Beefs on Wednesday nights
  • Making Tacos on Thursday nights
  • Cooking Hamburgers on Saturdays
  • Grilling Steaks the 2nd Saturday of the month
  • Frying Fish the 4th Friday of the month
  • Kitchen help, washing dishes for all above events
  • Calling Lightning on Friday Nights
  • Bakers for WOTM Bake Sales

Even if it’s just once a month, your help will make a difference.

If you would like to volunteer, please submit the form below, or sign up at the Lodge.

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